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10 Awesome Blogs to Karate Chop Onto Your Kindle

Written by Kindle Tank on May 31, 2009 No Comment


Karate Chop, Download, Read; these words all have the same meaning when talking about the awesomeness that is the Kindle.  You mean, I can read a nerdy blog on a train and everyone will think I’m reading Shakespeare? Karate Chop, Yes!

Here are those 10 Awesome Blogs

image Amazon Daily

This is the only free blog available for you Kindle (to my knowledge).  This blog is from Amazon, and talks mostly about the Kindle Reader.  I would imagine that getting this blog would be a no brainer. Who can resist helpful hints and cool book suggestions?

image The New York Times – Latest News

This is the most popular paid blog subscription for the Kindle.  The New York Times is probably the only newspaper in the US that isn’t quickly dying.  They offer intelligent reading, very cool articles, and a huge amount of reading.  Reading their Sunday paper takes an entire day almost.  $1.99/month

image Huffington Post

The Huffington Post has quickly become one of the most popular websites on the internet for people to get their news.  This rise to fame can be attributed to their awesome reporting during the Presidential Election of 2008. This is a great place to get news that other people aren’t talking about. $1.99/month

image The Onion

The Onion is bar-none, the most entertaining and funny news site ever made in the history of man.  They are somehow to consistently create a good amount of content without ever missing a beat.  Often times, I laugh so hard I cry. $1.99/month

The Clutter Diet Blog

imageThis has become quite the popular blog for the Kindle recently.  I’m not sure why, but thought I would mention it.  The Clutter Diet Blog isn’t about loosing weight, or finding a new and improved wife / mistress, its a Blog about organizing your house, garage, closets, kitchen, all that boring stuff.  If your into that though, check it out, I guess it’s cool otherwise. $0.99/month

image AP US News

The News from the Associated Press sent to your Kindle, very cool.  The Associated Press has become the most trusted source of high quality news information and are great at delivery great stories that are never outdated.  If I was on a stranded island, with a Kindle and a coconut, and allowed to only get 1 blog per month on my Kindle, this would be a close second to The Onion. $1.99/month

image Gizmodo

Due to the nature of the Kindle, everyone who owns one will inherently have some nerdish qualities.  Gizmodo is the perfect nerd-quencher.  You can stay up to date with all the new electronic toys and gadgets and probably get some cool articles about how everyone is jealous of your Kindle. $1.99/month

image TechCrunch

TechCrunch is going to be the more web-centric blog than Gizmodo.  Articles directed more towards IT managers, web-designers, and people really just crazily addicted to the Internet.  The cool thing about TechCrunch is that there is so much content that they put out it is hard to not find something of interest to you. $1.99/month

image Daily Kos

The Daily Kos is the perfect blog to read if you are considering forming your own militia, or just to get a feel for the state of politics in The United States.  Known for its breaking edge articles and highly user driven content, the Daily Kos is a really interesting read, if you can get over the activism scented articles. $0.99/month

image Michelle Malkin

Blogs written by one person are my favorite types.  Michelle Malkin has a great writing style on topics such as politics, current events, and pop culture.  She is touted as being a conservative writer, so if your not into that, stay away.  In America you get a choice to choose, not the power to take away from others. There’s my politics for the day! $1.99/month

All Blogs for the Kindle Reader come with a 14 day free trial and free delivery via Whispernet

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