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HOW TO: Get Audiobooks for the Amazon Kindle

Written by Kindle Tank on June 10, 2009 8 Comments

image In general, any one who owns an Amazon Kindle could be classified as an “avid reader”. Though the Kindle is built primarily for reading books that are readily available for download via Whispernet, Audio books are an attractive alternative to add to the mix.

Audio books are becoming more and more popular as their availability is increasing along with consumers demand of easily consumable literature. Both the Kindle 2 and the Kindle DX have sound playback capabilities, which gives these E-Readers the capability to play audio books easily.

“This feature makes the Kindle into more of an “all-in-one” device for people serious about reading.”

There are several ways to download audio books from the internet. More often than not, you will need to purchase the audio book before you can download it. There are free audio books available for download on the internet, these books will be older works that have been released as public domain.

The best source of audio books is considered to be They offer by far the largest selection of audio books and the most options as far as payment goes. They currently offer over 60,000 titles available for download.  You are given the option to either purchase the audio books and an option for a membership based subscription. If you purchase the audio books without a membership the audio books usually costs close to what the hardcover version would cost, sometimes more and sometimes less. This is common among audio book sellers.

If you plan on purchasing a few audio books within the year, the membership option is by far the more economical one. Here are the 2 pricing plans available. As you can see, with a membership the most an audio book will cost you is $14.95. With the Platinum Plus plan each audio books will cost you $11.48. If you sign up for the Gold Plan you can get audio books for just $7.49 for the first 3 months.


Here is an example pricing for different versions

Always Looking Up: The Adventures of an Incurable Optimist

Hardcover Version $16.55
Kindle Version $9.99
Audible Version $20.99 (w/o membership)


My Remarkable Journey

Hardcover Version $18.45
Kindle Version $9.99
Audible Version $24.47 (w/o membership)

Playing Audiobooks on your Kindle

Now that you have a couple audio books downloaded to your computer, it’s time to get them onto your Kindle and start listening. Because of the file size of an audio book, it doesn’t work to email the file to your Kindle email address and grab the file from there using Whispernet. You need to download the book onto your computer and upload it manually onto your Kindle. Don’t worry, it’s easy.

Once you have downloaded the audio book onto your computer you will need to connect the Kindle to your computer using a USB transfer cable. Make sure your Kindle is powered on. You will see an additional drive under “My Computer” that is for the Kindle, most often times this will be “Drive (F:)”. Navigate to the “Music” folder within your Kindle device and drag or copy the audio books file into that folder. Make sure the transfer is complete before disconnecting your Kindle.

To play the audio book you will see it show up along all of your other content, along newspapers, books, blogs etc. You will just see a speaker icon next to it.

Once playing you have some controls. You can either go forward or backward by 30 second intervals. Or skip forward or backwards by chapters.


There are a few options for software programs you can use to manage your Audible downloads, playback, and library organization. has its own proprietary software called the Audible Download Manager. This is the best way to download and organize Audible files, other than iTunes.

iTunes works very well to download, organize and play any Audible files.

Sound Quality

There are 4 different quality types available for download of audiobooks from These qualities range from poor to excellent. The Kindle 1 is able to play formats 2, 3, and 4, not the Enhanced Audio format. The Kindle 2 and DX is able to play only the quality level 4 and enhanced Audio format.




Check out for available titles

Popularity: 30% [?]


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