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The Amazon Kindle is a Green Machine

Written by Kindle Tank on January 27, 2008 5 Comments


I recently read a couple articles that offered yet another benefit of owning the Amazon Kindle Reader. The benefit being that by using a Kindle, you are dramatically cutting down on the amount of paper that is used for print that you consume.

One of these articles are from the blog, “Just Another Mobile Monday“. You can view the article by using the link below.

Another interesting article I found goes as far to take into consideration the amount of water used to process the paper for publications, and even the chlorine that we use to bleach that paper.

A whole lot of water is also used to make a book. “To make one single 8″ by 11″ sheet of paper using chlorine chemistry requires more than 13 ounces of water for every single…sheet. So that means more than a good sized can of Coke is needed for every sheet that you use for copying.” (Source: Archie J. Beaton, Executive Director – CEO, Chlorine Free Products Association.) Wow.HubPages

The Green Geek almost immediately realized the potential environmental savings that could be brought about by the use of E-Readers like the Amazon Kindle.

The Green Printer Online Blog illustrates another point about using an electronic device versus printed material.

Kindle is only one of many products that could end up in China’s most impoverished communities in toxic, e-waste dumps and rivers…Green Printer Online

Here is a video illustrating the negative effects of e-waste

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